FEAR Not…The Walking Dead Prequel Will Kill

Written By: Seebz

16755104614_88d61f730a_zThe 2015 SDCC was probably the most exciting Comic Con to date.  With the release of highly anticipated trailers to movies and shows like Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad, Deadpool and The Walking Dead season 6, it’s easy for the FEAR the Walking Dead trailer to get lost in the mix. Fear The Walking Dead can be summarized as a simple question, “What did the world look like while it was transforming into the world we see with Rick and the gang?” Well that question will be answered starting on August 23rd.

The trailer itself opens up on a beautiful Los Angeles morning introducing the first group of main characters in a normal family setting, something The Walking Dead couldn’t do.  The trailer introduces Madison and Travis, both teachers, just going through a normal day of work at school while referencing that a lot of students are out sick, foreshadowing the unknown horror that lay ahead.

One minute in we see another character, named Nick, awaken abruptly in an abandoned church that was dimly lit by candles.  He sees a dead body with his throat ripped out and a girl with a knife sticking in her abdomen attacks him.  Nick escapes only to find himself in a hospital trying to warn others who think the people in the church were dead, not zombies.  Reluctant to believe him, the people in the room attribute this to drug addiction and hallucination.  Before I continue though, I am interested to see the behavior of Nick as I assume he is some sort of drug addict and I’ll assume that when shit hits the fan, his addiction may come back to literally bite him in the ass should he attempt to find a way to get high and put the group in danger.

The end of the trailer is where the excitement climaxes into a well cut montage of chaos with rioting and brief glimpses of reanimated corpses roaming and being shot at by police.  During this sequence, Travis indicates to the group that they must leave this place because it’s only going to get worse and the trailer ends. I NEED MORE!

My mind was spinning with the possibilities and potential this show has. I don’t want to take anything away from the original show; but Fear The Walking Dead has potential to be a better show because you can take the mistakes made in the original and do right by making sure that it doesn’t happen again for example the poorly written character development of Andrea which strayed away from her badass comic book counterpart and ultimately led to a lot of fan hate and her eventual death.

19478267758_73a31d26c3_zI’m also excited to see the progression of the zombie outbreak and honestly see if the characters adhere to one of my favorite books “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks.  Already I can tell that they broke one of the rules and that is not getting out of large cities right away where your survival rate drastically decreases since that is where the hordes of zombies will be.  Apart from that I couldn’t see or make any judgement on their survival skills just yet.  We will have to wait and see.

The other cool aspect that is intriguing about the show is the condition of the zombies.  The level of detail in the looks of the walkers has always been the key in the walking dead universe.  If you look at walkers from the original show they look extremely decayed and unrecognizable from the humans that they used to be as they most likely have been walkers for over a year.  As hardcore fans will state, a walker that has been that way for a long time will be less mobile and easier to kill since you can drive an object through their head with ease. That’s not the case in Fear The Walking Dead, as most of the walkers may only be a few hours dead and still have a great deal of motor functions and durability to the point that guns will3540744713_7356d4a71f_z be almost the only way to take them down.  Even if you can find guns, most people are not aware yet that destroying the brain is the only way to stop them; in the trailer when cops are unloading on a walker and he is still getting up.  This translates into a high mortality rate that means a lot of walker action that doesn’t appear for episodes in the original sometimes.

2596483147_58d6bae3b1_zThe trailer shows promise; it balances glimpses of action with the right amount of character development.  If they can keep the good elements that made the original what it is today and avoid the mistakes made in earlier episodes of TWD, this show will kill.  I’m curious to see other people’s opinions on the subject so please feel free to comment with your thoughts, and check us out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.