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Our Hosts, Tim, John and Chris talk about Dragon Ball Super

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DOAT Ep 19: Just Saiyan

This Week on the Dork of All Trades Podcast, Tim, John and Chris talk about Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and NOT Dragonball GT

Although we fixed the third chair microphone, it seems John’s microphone was picking up an echo, please forgive the sound quality for this week as well.

We talk about: @dbzsnaps, DBZ, our introduction to the show, Filler, Missing Lunch, secondary characters, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Puarr, Who is the strongest, Tien vs Krillin, Garlic Jr, Black Water Mist, Marron, Saiyan Saga, Frieza Saga, Trunks Saga, Android Saga, Cell Saga, Babidi saga, Buu saga, kid Trunks is a dick, GT sucks, GT plotholes, New movies, Battle of Gods, Resurrection F, Dragonball Super, Fukkatsu No F timeline, Super Saiyan Bargain Sale,Super Saiyajizz, DB Super expectations, Bingo, Tuffles, King Vegeta, Frieza, Lady Frieza.

We bring back the new game “Who the fuck are we?”

 We Also discuss: Son Goku, country bumpkin, Goku killed 2 people in DBZ, Gohan’s development, Kyle Hebert, Krillin runs away, Google Glass, Power levels,Chris hates Kai,
 favorite villians, Dabura, Android 20, Buu want chocolate, Frieza is pure evil, Cooler, Broly, Android 13, Bojack, Janemba, dbz memes, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyajin, Super Saiyan 3, Favorite Filler episode,General Tao, Youtube fights, Can you last in the hyperbolic time chamber, Mr. Popo, Appul, Cui Cui, Kanzenshuu, Dragonballs, Eternal Dragon, Shenron, What would you wish for, Instant Transmission, Apparation, Dbz, Harry Potter, Flying Nimbus, Nimbus 2000, Which Race would you choose, Namekian, majin, Ice Jin, Sensu Beans, Korin, Yajirobe, Kami, Roshi, Our favorite episode arc,Ocean Dub, Bruce Faulconer, Funimation Dub, Chris Sabbat, and more
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The Dork of All Trades Podcast is hosted by
John Langan & Tim Berger
Twitter: @dorkofalltrades
Instagrams: @dorkofalltrades
& @dbzsnaps
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