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Our Hosts, Tim & John have Brandon on to discuss SDCC2017!!

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Go Kickstart Blue Mountain State Sloots!!

Written By: Seebz


Every now and then throughout TV Show history there are shows that are canceled way before they should have been.  Blue Mountain State was one of those shows.  For those not familiar with it, Blue Mountain State premiered on the SPIKE Channel in 2010 and lasted three seasons.  The premise of BMS was a comedy that centered on a highly ranked college football team called the Blue Mountain State Mountain Goats.  It more or less captured the party aspect of college along with heavy drug use and ridiculous scenarios that the players and students got into. The vibe you get from the show was similar to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but the gang was in college.  For a show on cable, BMS really pushed the envelope for language and nudity.  I’m still wondering how most of the material made it past censorship.

Blue-mountain-state-alan-ritchson-1My favorite character is Thad Castle, played by Alan Ritchson.  He’s the star linebacker and captain of the Goats.  I can’t think of an episode where he didn’t do or say anything hilarious.  You were almost guaranteed a quote that was gold from him every week.  My personal favorite quote of his is “Every time I put my enormous dick in this pocket pussy, I think of my dad!” That of course was from the season one episode ‘Pocket P****.’


blue-mountain-state-02-alex-moranThe show’s lead character is backup quarterback Alex Moran.  Darin Brooks plays Alex so perfect it’s almost sad to think a guy with that much skill only wants to stay the backup quarterback all the way through college and have no responsibility. His goal is to just party and bang as many women as possible while neglecting a real talent.  But of the entire cast, Alex is the sanest of the team and his friends.


blue-mountain-state-05-sammy-cacciatoreMy second favorite character is Sammy.  Sammy is the team mascot and Alex’s best friend.  He is played by Chris Romano or as the opening credits calls him, Romanski.  Romanski is not only a lead cast member but the co-creator of the show along with Eric Falconer.  Sammy is the nerd of the group that no football player takes seriously and nobody respects.  He, like Alex, only cares about partying and trying to get laid but doesn’t have the same success rate as Alex.


This show is pure gold and I don’t want to reveal too much for potential first timers, so I’ll stop spoiling. I was sad when I heard that BMS got the axe after only three seasons.  According to the message boards and reviews, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. We wanted more!


The cast and creators wanted more too.  After not being able to find a studio that wanted to finance the movie, they turned to the fans.  Using Kickstarter they put the word out that they were looking for fans to help finance the movie and their goal was $1.5 million.  That goal was reached in little time; they were able to rise a little over $1.9 million, giving the green light for them to start production.

BMS movie

Now with any Kickstarter project, it came with incentives if you donate.  The more you donate, the more you get.  When I caught wind of the project I wanted to be a part of it.  I decided to donate $100 to them because I wanted this movie to happen so badly!  I can honestly say I got enough in return to make me happy.  Included as a gift with the $100 donation was a signed cast poster, a Sammy door hanger, digital copy of the movie (when released), a 6-second vine of a cast member saying whatever I wanted, and a Thad Castle t-shirt jersey.

In closing, I am very happy that this movie is happening, they wrapped up filming and editing and now it is in the hands of their distributor.  I am also proud to say that I helped make this movie happen.  Even if the donation was small in comparison to the overall budget, it’s the first time I actually helped finance a person’s dream and that is always a great feeling.

As with any blog I write I’ll leave you with a topic.  What was your favorite BMS episode and favorite moment?