DOAT Ep 151: ‘Just Us’ League

This Week on the Dork of All Trades Podcast
Our Hosts, Tim, John discuss Video Games, CW Crossovers, Punisher and Justice League

They Discuss: Thanksgiving, Playstation 4, Black Friday, Video Games, 2 Chains, Most Expensiveist, Viceland, Selling Air, Really bad chess, PS4,  Adventure Capitalist, Early Christmas presents, Horizon Zero Dawn, Shadow of Mordor, Fort Nite, Rocket League, FIFA18, Madden 18, CW DC Crossover, Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Crisis on Earth X, Devoe, Vigilante, The Wedding of Iris and Barry Allen, Cliches, White Canary and Alex Danvers, Nazis, Nazi Oliver Queen, Nazi Supergirl, Tommy Merlyn, Reverse Flash, Kryptonite Arrow, Kid Flash, Punisher, SO BLOODY, PTSD, Lewis, Micro, Frank Castle, Peter Castleoni, Jon Bernthal, William Rawlins, Agent Orange, Billy Russo, Maidani, Curtis, Sic Semper Tyrannis, Karen Page, Netflix, Anvil, The Pain, Marvel Netflix, Gun Control, Justice League, Movie Tavern, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Superman, Steppenwolf, Motherboxes, Spoilers, Spoiler warnings, Lasso of truth, wonder woman’s butt, 1989 Batmobile, Green Lantern, Parademons, Lois is the key, Nerd moments from comic books, Avengers Infinity War Trailer, and More!


We ask a Crisis on Infinite Podcasts question this week: If you had to replace Ben Affleck as Batman with another actor, who would you choose and why? Send your answers to us on twitter and Instagram.


Our song intro and outro is titled “About My Business” by Montago Bradley and Duane Williams

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DOAT Ep 31: All The Dragonballs

This Week on the Dork of All Trades podcast Tim and John introduce two interviews

In our interview with our friend Tom, we discuss Dragon Ball Super, DBS, Filler, whats filler, dragonball, manga, dragonball z, anime filler, DBGT, comics, you hear us Jack, similarities between Super and Z, Beerus, Whis, Radditz, North Kai, Dragon ball super ep 1, Dragon ball super ep 2, Dragon ball super ep 3, Goku, Goten, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Chi Chi, Master Roshi, Muten Roshi, Mr Satan, Videl, Buu, Majin Buu, plotlines, Battle of Gods, Cruise Ship, Bulma’s birthday, Goten and Trunks, Ox King, Vegeta hates Octopus, Bingo, Screw Attack, Death Battle, Superman vs Goku, Superman, we play who the fuck are we, who the fuck are we, Burter, Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu, Alcohol puns, Food puns, Bardock, Gine, Jaco, Broly, Bojack, Janemba, listener questions, Kai & more!

Next John interviews Anthony Putignano of Dragon Ball Insider! Please forgive the audio quality, we were in public and people were loud… We discuss Resurrection F, New York Premiere, Dragon ball Z Fukkatsu no F, English Dub Premiere, East Coast Premiere DBZRF, Dragonball graphic effects, favorite character, Frieza, Frieza returns, Resurrection Frieza, Battle of Gods Arc, Resurrection F Arc, Dragonball Insider, DBInsider origin, Rojas, Uchi, other anime, dbzsnaps, dbz fandom, the dragonballer, samurai dynamo, Attack on Titan, Dub or Sub debate, Kai or Z, nostalgia and more!

We also rejoin with Tom for Crisis on Infinite Podcasts, Thank you So Wizard Podcast for this weeks question, as well as all other podcasts in this crisis events, Open All Powers, Fans on Patrol, Convo Comics Cast,  The Back Issue, The Comic Corner, and Cult 45 podcast

The Dork of All Trades Podcast is hosted by

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