DOAT Ep 88: Old King Clancy

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This week, Tim, John, and Chris love and hate How I Met Your Mother
They discuss How I Met Your Mother, HIMYM, Bob Saget, Ted Mosby, Tedmosbyisajerk . com, Netflix, The Bro Code, Have you met Ted, Marshall and Lily, Suit Up, the mysterious door, Barney Stinson, Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Colby Smulders, Robin Scherbatsky, Lily Aldrin, Alison Hannigan, JLo, Britney Spears, Joe Manganiello, Carlos, Shane, The Countdown Episode, Doppelgangers, The Juggler, Mustache Marshall, Mexican Wrestler Ted, Lesbian Robin, Doctor Barney, Slap Bet, Slapsgiving, Barney’s Perfect Week, The Gentleman, Guyelle, Butterfly tattoo, Mandy Moore, Robin Sparkles, Jessica Glitter, Katie Holmes, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Stacy Keibler, Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit, Oh Honey, Danica Mckellar, Not Ellen Page, Bob Barker, Regis Philbin, Swarley, Scooter, Sandcastles in the Sand, Two Beavers are Better than One, Alan Thicke, Robin Daggers, Bad Canadian Accents, Eh?, Frozen Snowshoe, Harveys Trays, Old King Clancy, James Van der Beek, Reaper, Tyler Labine, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, a Good Old Fashioned Orgy, Zooey, Stella, The Avalanche of Awesome, Victoria, Tracey, Sandwiches, Character development, Wayne Brady, Maury Povich, Ring Bear, Barney and Robin’s Wedding, Lily and Marshall’s Wedding, Trinity, and More!

Our song intro and outro is titled “About My Business” by Montago Bradley and Duane Williams.

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