DOAT Ep 17: Tommy Oliver, Panty Surfer


This Week on the Dork of All Trades Podcast, Tim, John and Seebz talk about power rangers! recorded on 12/31/14

matt is a huge fan; we discuss, dragonball z, super sentai rangers, zyu rangers, zordon, angel grove, digital gap, digital divide, goldar, green ranger, saban, egyptians are pedophiles, kids tv show format, tommy oliver: panty surfer, homemade costumes, power rangers live, jason david frank, meeting jdf, comic con, wizard world, cosplay, bat in the sun, mma, martial arts, new years eve, ming hates tim, ming chen, tesd, we sell comics, beer, duclaws, austin st john, billy yost,  queen rita, rita repulsa, scorpina, lord zedd, john can’t whistle, power rangers movie, ivan ooze, uh oh you’re in trouble, ravens in space, racism, black and yellow,  amy jo johnson, johnny yong bosch, jose canseco, power rangers turbo, evil sexy kimberly, magic blue ranger, toddler, putties, blue ranger, gay, discrimination, and more!!!!!!

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