DOAT Ep 154: Ahch-To; God Bless You

This Week on the Dork of All Trades Podcast
Our Hosts, Tim, John and Ray discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi

They Discuss: Star Wars, The Last Jedi, Episode VIII, Spoilers, Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher’s Daughter, Kaydel Ko Connix, Holding for General Hux, Bombers vs Dreadnaught, Dreadnaught, Rose Tico’s Sister Paige, Paige Tico, Poe’s Not ready to lead, Hyperspace Jump, Snoke can Force throw someone in a different ship, Finn, Flex-Poly Bacta Suit, Poe Damoren, Naked Finn, Where’s Rey, Luke throws the Saber, Unwilling Master cliché, Chewie breaks down door, Where’s Han, Kylo Ren, A child in a mask, Sexy Gold dress Snoke, Poe stripped of command, Tracking through Hyperspace, Finn Meets Rose, It was Luck, Running Away, Green Milk, Han’s Lucky Dice, R2D2, Rey’s Training, Reach Out, The Balance between the Light and Dark side, The bottom Crater, Luke is closed off from the force, The failure of the Jedi, Letting fear and emotion guide her, Rey has a forcelink to Kylo Ren, Force Link, Luke lies about what happened to Kylo Ren, Skirmish Post Lightspeed, Useless C3PO is useless, Kylo doesn’t destroy ship because Leia, Tie Silencer, Ship gets destroyed anyway, RIP Ackbar, Leia uses the Force, Admiral Holdo, Finn, Rose, Maz Kanata, the Code breaker, Cantonica, Canto Bight, Warwick Davis, Fathier, Rey’s trip into the Upside Down, truth of Kylo Ren, Luke’s moment of weakness, Eyes like Palpatine, Rey leaves Ahch-To, Benecio Del Toro, DJ the Slicer, Don’t Join, Snoke’s Vessel, Rey dropped off by Chewie, Coup d’état, Yoda and Luke, Force sensitive tree, Luke’s weakness, Kylo kills Snoke, Red Guards Battle, Elite Praetorian Guard, BB-9E, Rey’s Parents, Leia and Holdo’s plan, DJ’s Betrayal, General Hux, Holdo’s Last Hoorah, Rebel Scum, Captain Phasma, Crait, Alolan Vulpix, Salt Mines, Ground Speeders, Return of the Falcon, Poe calls off the attack, Finn’s Sacrifice, Rose saves Finn, Luke appears to Leia, Luke’s Last Stand, The Crait Escape, and More!

Our song intro and outro is titled “About My Business” by Montago Bradley and Duane Williams

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DOAT Ep 36: Thank You For Being A Friend

This week on the Dork of All Trades Podcast, Tim, John and Tom Talk about, well Everything!

They discuss: Toonami, Death of Tom, Tom 1, Tom 2, Red Ooze, Tom Things, anime, computers, Tom is Dead, Power Rangers, X-Men Apocalypse, Jubilee is asian, Gambit, Channing Tatum, Taylor Kitsch, liev Schreiber, Wolverine Origins, Deadpool, Deadpool Trailer, Deadpool’s mask, Spidey Mask expressions, practical effects, special effects, Golden Girls, who the fuck are we, Blanche Deveraux, Dorothy Sophia, Rose, Deathpool, Celebrity Death Pools, Bruce Jenner is Dead, Muhammed Ali, Abe Vigoda, George RR Martin, George HW Bush, Nancy Reagan, Maggie Smith, Kirk Douglas, Angela Lansbury, Don Rickles, Christopher Lee, Jimmy Carter, Keith Richards, Carol Channing, Chuck Berry, Ozzy Osbourne, Leonard Nimoy, Stephen Tyler, Cloris Leechman, Christopher Plummer, Rupert Grint, Eddie lard, Carol Burnett, Stephen Hawking, Mickey Rooney, Sean Connery, Roger Waters, Pope Benedict XVI, Carl Reiner, Bob Barker, Mel Brooks is a Genius, Spaceballs, Jews in Space, Inside the Actors Studio, Gene Wilder, Bill Cosby, Quaaludes, the Hardest you ever laughed, dick and fart jokes, poop Jill, drinking in the woods, its poop, Blow up dolls, christmas, put it in the doll, lost episodes, Scariest moment of your life, Don’t Drink and Drift, Byberry Mansion, Crack Shack, Drughouse, guns, loaded gun,  cleaning guns, cocked guns, don’t play with guns, and more!

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