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Our Hosts, Tim, John and Chris talk about Dragon Ball Super

Topic(s): Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, America crazy, GoFundMe, Hurricane Harvey, Hugh Hefner, Playboy, Tom Petty, Masako Nowzawa, VOICE OF GRAND KAI, Dragon Ball Super 1 Hour Special, One Piece 1 Hour Special, Jiren the Gray, Goku new transformation, Speculations, Genki Dama, Spirit Bomb, Super Pop Quiz, Brianne de Chateau, Power of Love, Ribrianne, Frost, Roshi, Universe 6, Krillin, Master Roshi, Muten Roshi, Mafuba, Name Puns, Destruction Puns, Beerus, Champa, Vados, Whis, alcoholic drinks, Zalama, Super Dragon Balls, Universe 6 Saiyans, Sidra, Gowasu, Zen Oh Sama, Android 17, Android 18, Krillin, Maron, Basil, Hermila, Jimeze, Jiren, Piccolo, Frost, Cabba, Gohan, Tien Shinhan, Tien, Caulifla, Kale, Frieza, Son Goku, Vegeta, The Prince of All Saiyans, Ultimate Fan Service, Quitela, Toppo, Dyspo, Hit, Dragonball, Spices, Underdogs, Top Kills, Universal Survival Arc, Unviersal Tournament, Infographics, Time Jump, Meat puns, Steak Puns, Piccolo saves Gohan cliché, Toppo vs Cabba, Iwne, Helles, Mosco, Arack, Belmond, Vermouth, Rumshee, Liquiir, Plot Device vs Story, Zirloin, Italian Meats, 100 taks, Multi-Screens battle, Roselle, Self-Destructs, Caway, paparoni, Dyspo Beerus, Beerus Cat, Dyspo Rabbit,  and More!

Our song intro and outro is titled “About My Business” by Montago Bradley and Duane Williams

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