DOAT Ep 50: Han Han Cuts a Taun Taun

This week on the Dork of All Trades Podcast, Tim, John, and Ray talk about Star Wars Episodes 5 & 6.


On the show we discuss Star Wars, Episode 5 the Empire Strikes Back, Episode 6 Return of The Jedi, Star Wars the Force Awakens, cushion, Jabba the Hut, llamas with Hats, Don’t Hug me I’m Scared, Too Many Cooks, Youtube videos, Hoth, the battle of Hoth, Walk Hard, AT-AT, Imperial Walkers, Wookiepedia, Chewbacca Impressions, Baby Giraffes, birthdays, Wampa, Taun Taun, Twingle Twingle, regeneration chamber, warm liquid goo phase, Sweet Christmas, jobs, tie fighter, 72 virgins, the aluminum falcon, moon parasite, DBZ, Fosters, Spaceballs, Jam the Radar, the Dagobah system, Yoda, Muppets, the ladder to heaven, celebrity deathmatch, Rock Soup, metaphor and metphive, floaty rocks, Cloud city, Lando Calrissian Billy Dee Williams, C3P0, C3PO, leaving without training, I am Your Father, Luke tries to kill himself, Return of the Jedi, Jabba’s Palace, Dick neck, Bib Fortuna, Dick For Tuna, Force Choke, Rancor pit, Boba Fett, Slave Leia, the Slave Leia debacle, Sarlac Pit, Boba Fett the Bounty Hunter, Dog the Bounty Hunter, the second death star, the Forest Moon of Endor, the Battle of Endor, what is the Death Star shooting at in Jedi, Ewoks, cute ass ewoks, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Sidious, Darth luke, the cult of Ren, Kylo Ren, Force ghosts, Historic comparison of star wars, the Dork of All Trades Federation, More!
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Vacation Edition




20150808_202402The editor of this blog, John, spent a week on vacation, and quite frankly didn’t want to edit a new blog when he came home from the beach. Alas, he felt obligated to post this monday because we made a promise to the people who actually read these things, all two of you. So yes, John went on vacation. Where did he go? To– (okay fuck it, I’ve given up writing in the third person), I went to New York city for 3 days, and Wildwood/Villas, New Jersey for 4 days.



Normally I wouldn’t break a week long vacation into different trips, but I was given the opportunity to see Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F a day early by attending the New York Red Carpet Premiere on Monday (Thank you so much Dragon Ball Insider and FUNimation). It was awesome. The experience was really cool and the movie was excellent. A quick review of the movie for those interested, I give it a 9/10. The progression of Goku and Vegeta was well thought out and well executed. Frieza’s return was chilling, he is as evil as ever. It was really cool to see how the Z-fighters would take on an a full out alien invasion, the battle with Frieza’s minions made my inner child happy. My only objection would have been for Vegeta to get his revenge for his father and his planet, he was ripped off and so was the viewing audience in my opinion. The movie is still in theaters in the United States and will be until August 12th, so go check it out.

20150809_154542Then, I went to my grandfather’s old cottage in the Villas, which is a shore town on the mainland outside of Wildwood and Cape May, in South Jersey. Wildwood, if you never been, is great for ages 7-22 and 30-99. Especially if you’re like me and hate fun; like nightclubs and rollercoasters. The amusement parks are great, but if you rode them every year since age 10, shit gets old. I still enjoyed walking the boardwalk, eating at great restaurants, the beautiful beach, and drinking a lot.

20150809_153907The nerd highlight of my second trip would definitely be watching Star Wars with my girlfriend. This happened because of three things: firstly, in the seven years of dating my beautiful girlfriend I have never shown her Star Wars, something I regretted and vowed to remedy this year; also, when we get back for the night from the islands the town we were staying in is basically dead after 10 pm, and we tend to be night owls; lastly, the house we stayed in was two small rooms and a kitchenette with no wifi or cable, we came unprepared and the “Star Wars: Special Edition” trilogy was literally the only VHS tape we would watch. We watched one movie each night we were down, and she seemed to really enjoy them, her favorite was Empire. She’s really embraced the dork side, and I am grateful that I have found someone who shares in my nerdy interests.

I got to take a bunch of pictures while I was on vacation, and normally in blogs I share a couple to reinforce a point or help visualize a thought, but I’m gonna just leave a handful here at the end of the blog. I’ve taken to photography recently, and I think in the future I’m going to explore that side of me more. Enjoy!

Times Square
My last name is also the name of restaurant on Broadway
World Trade Center memorial
Empire State Building
Empire State Building
Beach in Villas
Beach in Villas
Madame Tussauds
Me and Biggie
Got Smashed at Madame Tussaud’s
We’ve got a problem
found this poignant and inspiring

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