DOAT Ep 80: Good Will Hunting Pokemon



This week, Tim, John, and Brandon talk about Pokemon GO!

They discuss Pokemon GO, Pokemon, App, iPhone, Android, Gym, Pokemon GO Tips, Pokemon GO app, Pokemon GO guide, No release date, Jeff Mitchell, Pokemon Fit, FitBit, Pedometer, Fitness, Team Mystic, Team Valor, Team Instinct, Professor Willow, level 5, Pokemon Candy, Rare Candy, Stardust, Combat Power, Pokemon GO! Battle System, nearby pokemon, Pokemon Go theme song, Mallrats, Mallbrats, Pokememes, Pokemon Memes, Dank Pokemon Memes, Tiffobot, Convo Comics Cast, Server Errors, Server issues, Server Crashes, Server Cap, Server limits, Mike Judge, Silicon Valley, Freemium, Pay to play model, Pokemon GO fake news, Pokemon GO News, Fake Cartel Press, and More!!!

Our song intro and outro is titled “About My Business” by Montago Bradley and Duane Williams.

Special Thanks to all of the Nerd Podcast Mafia: So Wizard, Open All Powers, The Convo Comics Podcast, The Back Issue Pod, Fans on Patrol, Cult-45 Podcast, the Nerdtastic4 Podcast, the Geek Yogurt Podcast, and Super Hero Speak.

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