The Strong Museum and The Video Game Hall of Fame

Written By: Brandon

VG museWith summer just around the corner, I assume that many of you have already planned your vacations and have chosen fun things you will do. Your suitcases are probably packed, tickets purchased, and you can’t wait to lie on the beach and soak up the golden rays of the summer sun. While there are lots of activities to do this summer, many of you may want to take a stroll to Rochester, New York and visit the ultimate destination for all dorks, the Video Game Hall of Fame. That’s right! There is an entire building comprised of historic video games that will sure to make any nerd’s hair spike up! I have done some research on this new museum, which is referred to as The Strong National Museum of Play.

I can’t put into words how much I admire video games. I have played lots of different games growing up, and was so excited to hear that there is an actual place dedicated to video game lovers everywhere. The Strong was originally founded in 1968 by Margaret Woodbury Strong, a lover and collector of toys, dolls, and other everyday objects. It is known as one of the largest museums in the nation and contains many different exhibits that kids and adults can enjoy. The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame has all types of games including arcade, console, hand-held, and even mobile.  vidja gamesThis year, the Museum announced these video games to be welcomed into their Hall of Fame collection. They are;  Angry Birds, Doom, FIFA, The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, The Oregon Trail, Pac-Man, Pokémon, Pong, The Sims, Sonic the Hedgehog, Space Invaders, Super Mario Brothers, Tetris, and World of Warcraft.   There is also a certain criterion that is used when deciding whether a video game should inducted into the Hall of Fame. These specific guidelines are icon status (where the game is widely remembered and recognizable), longevity (the game isn’t just a fad and has been popular over time), geographical reach (the game expands across international boundaries), and influence (the game needs to present a form of importance and significant influence on another game or other forms of entertainment). Influence is the most significant of the four guidelines, and a game can even be inducted solely on this premise alone. Hopefully this keeps out the riff raff like Super Man 64.

I would also like to examine one of the final games inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame. Out of all the games on the list, I would have to say that Pokémon is certainly my favorite. The first Pokémon game I ever played was Pokémon Blue on my Gameboy, and it didn’t take long before I became addicted to the game! I remember how excited I felt seeing all the different Pokémon and watching them grow and develop. I also loved playing Pokémon Stadium on Nintendo 64 because it made me feel like I was a real trainer. I kept playing up until high school and still own all my Pokémon games and even my original Gameboy.    Pokémon is definitely one of my all-time favorite games, and I am so happy The Strong has chosen it for its Hall of Fame

While Pokémon was my favorite of the listed games, I wish to end this discussion by asking you which game you liked the most? What are some games you want to see inducted into next year’s Hall of Fame class?  Even though I have never visited The Strong personally, I feel that this is one site that cannot go unnoticed and maybe I might have to take a road trip up to Rochester and visit this captivating museum. Until then, game-on fellow dorks and nerds of the world!!!