DOAT’s Jurrasic World Review… RAWR

Written By: Seebz

5345491698_984846a25d_mIf there is one thing I took away from Jurassic World it is that the movie came in a very close second to the original Jurassic Park.  To me, you can never top the first movie and even to this day the dinosaurs looked amazingly real compared to the CGI used in the later films.

Jurassic World had all the good elements of the first film that really made it a fun and exciting movie to watch.

The coolest part of the movie was seeing the layout of the park.  It had a Disney Animal Kingdom vibe going on.  All of the attractions were laid out perfectly with various rides and attractions that complemented each dinosaur.  They even had a petting and riding zoo for the little kids that really made you wish dinosaurs still existed if the infants were that adorable.

Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex

The storyline was way better than the second and third film.  The general premise is that the Jurassic World genetic scientists created a new hybrid dinosaur that was spliced together with all the elements of various prehistoric and current animals to generate a bigger and scarier attraction to keep the public’s interest in Jurassic World alive.  Well I can say the movie captured those elements perfectly as the Idominus Rex was a brilliant antagonist for the film.

Character development was surprisingly well written as well.  Owen, played by Chris Pratt, fit the mold of an Alan Grant like protagonist very well except he was younger and more badass.  Bryce Dallas Howard played Claire, the head of operations of Jurassic World and she gave the best performance in the film.

The two brothers, Zach and Gray, were the kids of the film and I liked them the least.  I don’t know what it is but in every single Jurassic Park movie the children or teens always annoyed me, whether it’s Lex in the first film turning on the light attracting the T-Rex that she already knew was there, or Malcom’s daughter Kelly sneaking into Isla Sorna with them in The Lost World disobeying her father and cooking food that would attract carnivores.  Well the two brothers show that same quality that I can’t stand in JP movies, disobeying and going to restricted areas that they shouldn’t.  That being said, I thought the two did a tremendous acting job but the characters made me scratch my head sometimes.

3199586732_860eb0e6d0_mAll in all it was a great movie that paid homage to the originals.  It had some well-timed comic relief as well as tense moments that increased the heart rate. The action sequences throughout were incredible especially one character’s redemption.

I’d give this movie a 7.5/10 and recommend that you see this movie, it is worth a watch.

DOAT Ep 19: Just Saiyan

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