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A Moment of Silence

We have never missed a week of recording. We pride ourselves on that. With that said, there will be no podcast this week; and here’s why.

Houston Hurricane HarveyOn August 25, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Southern Texas and sat and devastated Houston and the surrounding areas. Seventy deaths have already been confirmed in the United States, and as the area recovers this number is expected to rise. We have had one major storm, and expect more hurricanes (Irma, Jose, Katia) in the coming weeks to do damage to the United States. Climate change is a bitch.


Podcasting has allowed us the privilege of making connections around the world, our listeners, show collaborators, and podcast groups like the Nerd Podcast Mafia truly lifts our show into the international arena. As a result, we have friends who have been affected in Houston.

The Cult45 Podcast is a show that we have collaborated with, and became good friends with since early 2015. Bdemdown has been a guest on our show, and Tim and John a guest on their show. The Co-host of Cult45, ‘Random Randy Savage’ was just one of the victims in the path of Hurricane Harvey. His house has taken flood damage, and although everyone is safe, Randy still needs help. Knowing Randy, from the show and Facebook, he is a great, caring guy who is always willing to help someone out and tend to his needs last. We want to help him and his son as best we can by setting up a place to donate.

SO… We are donating money to help our friends in Houston, and selling t-shirts, stickers, and magnets on our GoFundMe page .  Please click the link and donate today & Please continue to share on Facebook and Twitter! Donation incentives are as follows:

If you donate $6, You get a DOAT Sticker

If you donate $12, You get a DOAT Magnet

If you donate $20, You get a DOAT Shirt

If you donate $30, You get a DOAT Shirt & Magnet

If you donate $50, You can be a guest on the show

If you donate $80, You get everything! (sticker, magnet, shirt, and a guest spot on the show)


Thank you for continuing to listen to our podcast, and thank you for all of your support for this cause.