DOAT Ep 11: Ray, a Drop of Golden Sun

John and Tim have Ray return to discuss Classic Rock!

John is way too metaphorical, 93.3 Wmmr, 104.5 MGK, led Zeppelin, ledbetter?, Beach Boys, Elvis, Styx, Pink Floyd, Wish you were Here, Dark Side of the moon, The Wall, Korn, Bob Geldoff, Ray is awesome, More Zeppelin, Wizard of Oz Matches up, John drinks out of the corner of his mouth, The wall makes you feel high, Wolfmother, Elvis is King, Six Flags Vow, Breakfast with the Beatles, Frank Zappa, Ray Orbison/Rolling Stones, Rythym or Blues, Stevie Wonder’s Pencil, Velma, John and Ray’s music class, Goldigger, I gotta Woman, Rugrats, Zeppelin, Sex tapes, Stealing music, Ballentine Ale, Irish Rock, Blackthorn, Dropkick Murphys, Bob Dylan.