DOAT Ep 74: Yugioh, The Podcast Realm

Tyler the great
We mention it briefly on the show but, much to John’s disbelief, this is a real card. Created in 2002 by 4kids in collaboration with the Make A Wish Foundation, made this card for for Tyler Gressle. Who, at the time was suffering from a rare form of liver cancer. There is only one copy of this card in existence, making it the rarest card in the Yugioh Trading Card lineup

This week, Tim, John, and Chris talk about Yugioh

They discuss Yugioh, Yu Gi Oh, Magic the Gathering, MTG, Pokemon, Digimon, Cartoons to sell toys, Magic Cards, Trap Cards, Monster Cards, Duel Monsters, Duel Disks, Dungeon Dice Monster, Duelist Kingdom, Yugi Moto, Yami, Yami Yugi, Tea, Joey Wheeler, Joey, Mai, Tristan, Bakura, Kaiba, Seto, Seto Kaiba, Serenity Wheeler, Incest, Maximillion Pegasus, Pegasus, Rex Raptor, Weevil, Mako Tsunami, Bandit Keith, 4Kids, Forbidden Memories, PS2, Yugioh games, Video Games, Kaiba Starter Deck, Yugi Starter Deck, Joey Starter Deck, Pegasus Starter Deck, Booster Packs, Gate Guardian, Suijin, Kazejin, Sanga the God of Thunder, Toys R Us Tournaments, 6th Grade lunch, make believe, collecting yugioh cards, Toon Blue Eyes, Toon Town, Cyber Harpy, Harpy’s Pet Dragon, Dark Magician, Hentai, Duel City, Millenium Items, Duel City Finals, Filler Episodes, Favorite Card, Summoned Skull, Black Skull Dragon, Red Eyes Black Dragon, Polymerization, Black luster soldier, Magician of Black Chaos, Dark Mage, Dark Magician Girl, life points, Baby Dragon, Thousand Year Dragon, Time Wizard, Crush Card, Magic Arrow, Magical Hats, Magical Box, Shadow Realm, Slifer the Sky Dragon, Black Pendant, Change of Heart, Black Hole, Swords of Revealing light, Just Desserts, Tyler the Great Warrior, the Winged Dragon of Ra, Insect Queen, Jinzo, Grateful Dice, Kuriboh, Man Eater Bug, Hell, Exodia, Obelisk the Tormenter, Yugi vs Pegasus, Yugi vs Joey, Yugi vs Kaiba, Flames Swordsman, Ishizu, Marik, Yami Marik, Heart of the Cards, Shadow Kaiba, Kaiba Hacks, Yugi’s Grandpa, Duke Devlin Cosplay, Duel Monsters RPG, Blue Eyes White Dragon, 5 headed Dragon, Curse of Dragon, Princess Mokuba, Dungeon Dice Monsters, Duke Devlin, Noah Kaiba, Dimension the Dice, Yugioh Cards, Egyptian God Cards, Millenium Puzzle, Millenium Necklace, Millenium Compass, Millenium Staff, Millenium , Judgeman, and More!!!

They answer the Crisis on Infinite Podcast questions this week,
Asked this week by @Tiffobot from the Convo Comics Cast.
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