DOAT Ep 73: Jonathan Maberry

We did it guys, Episode 73 we interview Jonathan Maberry, who is a wonderful guest and accomplished Author.


Tim and John sit down with Jonathan Maberry and talk about Monsters, Zombies, Comics, Captain America Civil War, Daredevil, The Wolfman, Novelization, Writers Block, Writing, Novels, Doctor Who, Dennis Tafoya, Martial Arts, Judo, Aikido, Stand Up Comedy, Tom Segura, Brian Regan, Hannibal Buress, Bill Burr, lewis Black, George Carlin, Chris Rush, and much, much more!

You can find Jonathan’s new Book here:

Jonathan’s Website:

Jonathan’s Podcast:


Signed by Jonathan Maberry in 2010. a gift from my dad








List of Jonathan Maberry’s Previous Novels –

Ghost Road Blues
Dead Man’s Songs
Bad Moon Rising

Patient Zero
The Dragon Factory
The King of Plagues
Assassin’s Code
Extinction Machine
Code Zero
Predator One
Kill Switch

Rot & Ruin
Dust & Decay
Flesh & Bone
Fire & Ash
Bits & Pieces

Introducing a new 'fake' novel by Jonathan Maberry; Zushi
Introducing a new ‘fake’ novel by Jonathan Maberry; Zushi

Our song intro and outro is titled “About My Business” by Montago Bradley and Duane Williams.

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