DOAT Ep 67: Elektrapuss

This week on the Dork of All Trades Podcast, Tim, John and Matt discuss Daredevil

We discuss Daredevil, Netflix, Marvel, the Turk, Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Charlie Cox, Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, Matt Murdock, Jon Bernthal, Punisher, Batman, Walking Dead, Hallway Scene, Daredevil Season 1, Daredevil Season 2, Jack Murdock, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Smith, Good Will Hunting, Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season, Motorcycle Gangs, Dogs of Hell, Hells Kitchen, Ben Urich, The Hand, Stick, Elektra, Elektra Natchios, Muppets as Daredevil, Who the Fuck are They, Who the Fuck are We, Boxing Mat Sex, Important Things with Demetri Martin, Madam Gao, luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Kilgrave, The Purple Man, Mind Control and More!
Our new song intro and outro is titled “About My Business” by Montago Bradley and Duane Williams.

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