DOAT’s Jurrasic World Review… RAWR

Written By: Seebz

5345491698_984846a25d_mIf there is one thing I took away from Jurassic World it is that the movie came in a very close second to the original Jurassic Park.  To me, you can never top the first movie and even to this day the dinosaurs looked amazingly real compared to the CGI used in the later films.

Jurassic World had all the good elements of the first film that really made it a fun and exciting movie to watch.

The coolest part of the movie was seeing the layout of the park.  It had a Disney Animal Kingdom vibe going on.  All of the attractions were laid out perfectly with various rides and attractions that complemented each dinosaur.  They even had a petting and riding zoo for the little kids that really made you wish dinosaurs still existed if the infants were that adorable.

Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex

The storyline was way better than the second and third film.  The general premise is that the Jurassic World genetic scientists created a new hybrid dinosaur that was spliced together with all the elements of various prehistoric and current animals to generate a bigger and scarier attraction to keep the public’s interest in Jurassic World alive.  Well I can say the movie captured those elements perfectly as the Idominus Rex was a brilliant antagonist for the film.

Character development was surprisingly well written as well.  Owen, played by Chris Pratt, fit the mold of an Alan Grant like protagonist very well except he was younger and more badass.  Bryce Dallas Howard played Claire, the head of operations of Jurassic World and she gave the best performance in the film.

The two brothers, Zach and Gray, were the kids of the film and I liked them the least.  I don’t know what it is but in every single Jurassic Park movie the children or teens always annoyed me, whether it’s Lex in the first film turning on the light attracting the T-Rex that she already knew was there, or Malcom’s daughter Kelly sneaking into Isla Sorna with them in The Lost World disobeying her father and cooking food that would attract carnivores.  Well the two brothers show that same quality that I can’t stand in JP movies, disobeying and going to restricted areas that they shouldn’t.  That being said, I thought the two did a tremendous acting job but the characters made me scratch my head sometimes.

3199586732_860eb0e6d0_mAll in all it was a great movie that paid homage to the originals.  It had some well-timed comic relief as well as tense moments that increased the heart rate. The action sequences throughout were incredible especially one character’s redemption.

I’d give this movie a 7.5/10 and recommend that you see this movie, it is worth a watch.

It’s Morphin’ Time

Written by: Seebz


Growing up we can always look back and say that there were certain shows that shaped our youth.  Like most people my age, that show was Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (MMPR).  I think most people my age will agree that MMPR was a must watch in their youth and rightfully so.  There wasn’t a day that went by before kindergarten that I wasn’t watching it with my morning breakfast.

To this day I still remember my first episode.  It was titled “Day of the Dumpster”.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this particular episode, it was a giant pig with a helmet who was the main antagonist that the evil witch Rita (MMPR early main series villain) drew up.

This episode opened my world to the awesomeness that swept the country.  It was a great mix of fighting scenes, giant monsters, putties and the struggles of being a teen!  It was always an adrenaline rush when the red ranger Jason and leader of the MMPRs would yell “It’s Morphin Time!” and the respective 5 rangers would say their dinozords name and transform into their power suits.

15563316820_d4751f44bd_mFor those who remember the early episodes, it wasn’t a complex formula.  In fact, every episode had the same formula.  Rita would come up with another monster to attempt to destroy the power rangers.  Said monster would fight the rangers in normal form before being temporarily beaten.  Upon being down for the count, Rita would throw her wand towards Earth making her monster grow and force the MMPRs to summon their dinozords.  Once the dinozords were summoned, they’d usually just combine to form the Megazord that would destroy Rita’s monster after a few fighting moves.

I know it didn’t seem like a complex formula but it worked for us simple minded children.  Of course we ate it up!

Matt’s MMPR collection

The best part of MMPRs was the toys.  I remember I had it all.  The zords ,morphers, figurines and villains.  They’d keep me occupied for hours.  According to my mother, the MMPRs toys were the hottest commodity in the early 90’s.  She said there were people lined up at the local toy stores to get just one power ranger item and they would usually sell out faster than it took them to stock the shelves.

As the show continued, MMPRs introduced me to my favorite power ranger of all time!  I’m, of course, talking about the green ranger.

The green ranger from MMPRs is hands down my most favorite power ranger.  His alter ego was Tommy Oliver who was played by Jason David Frank.

9671088806_997158860c_mJason David Frank is head over heels the most popular power ranger in the history of the franchise.  He has appeared in more episodes than any other actor and has played more rangers than any other character to date.  It doesn’t hurt that he is also an amazing human being who continues to make an impact on many people’s lives to this day.  He currently has his own show on Machinima called “My Morphin Life” and has appeared on their Superhero Beat Down Series as both the Green and White Ranger.  On top of that, he always shows up to the comic con conventions for signings and pictures and does have a pretty entertaining instagram page.

But back to the green ranger.  The green ranger had a unique look to himself from the other rangers.  He bore a gold shield that protected him and gave him extra power.  His weapon was the dragon dagger that had a mouth piece equipped with it that was a flute.  Now this flute summoned the Dragonzord which was, in my opinion, the greatest word in the history of the power rangers.

Sadly, my favorite ranger didn’t last long as Rita found a way to drain his powers and completely remove him from the equation.  I later found out the real reason was that the Japanese version that the show used as stock footage only had the green ranger for a few episodes and therefore the American version had to write him off completely since they ran out of footage of the green ranger.

But, much like life, the show went on and eventually brought Tommy back as the white ranger.  Not quite my favorite ranger but a suitable replacement for the time being.

MMPRs continued it’s run for a good 2 and half years before I started losing interest.  I think it was a combination of getting older and the episodes losing that “it” factor that I had come to love.  It seemed that the repeated formula was losing it’s mojo and the constant replacing of the characters playing the rangers made me feel like they were strangers to me.

It’s funny though that I can, at my age, go back to some of the great episodes and still feel the same way I did as a kid.  I truly believe that my generation was very lucky enough to be a part of the initial roll out of the MMPRs as that feeling could never be recreated with what I’m seeing the power rangers have become.

As I do with all my blogs, I like to end with a topic discussion.  Who was your favorite Mighty Morphin Power Ranger and what was your favorite MMPR moment?  Obviously mine is the green ranger and my favorite moment was the oysterizer episode when the meagzord was pinned down underwater by a giant Oysterizer and Tommy summoned the Dragonzord and it tail-whipped him out of the water.  Pretty badass!