Dragon Ball Cosplayers Invade Wizard World Philadelphia 2016!

Written By: Johnny

Between June 2nd – June 5th the Philadelphia Convention Center, located a few blocks northeast of City Hall, was overrun with comic book nerds, celebrities, and cosplayers for Wizard World Philadelphia. I had the pleasure of attending Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; and I had so much fun! This is the first blog of three, leading up to our Podcast episode covering the  on Thursday (DOAT Ep 75).

As many of you know, I am @DBZSnaps on Instagram; which is to say, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super. In the past few years going to cons after I started the account I have actively sought out Dragon Ball Cosplayers and featuring them on my page. So here are all of the Dragon Ball related pictures I’ve taken at Wizard World Philly 2016.

I thought this Roshi was so convincing I took a picture of him on 2 separate days thinking they were different characters.
This Goku Cosplayer I met in 2014. He has entered the Cosplay contest each year since. I love this guy for repping Dragon Ball. This year, he was the only DBZ Cosplay entered in the official Cosplay Contest.
I respect anyone willing to suit up as Gohan, my favorite character. these guys were awesome.
Android 17 genderbend cosplay by the amazing cosplayer, Alexa Michelle. follow her on Instagram and Twitter.
Buff Goku is the best Goku
TAIYoKEN: Awesome Krillin cosplay.
Super Saiyan 3 hair is hard to pull off, but this guy has it mastered; just like he mastered the Kamehameha pose!
Genderbend Trunks
Non-genderbend trunks
genderbend goku is the best goku!
This is the first Majin Buu cosplay I have ever seen, and I loved it!
Each year my now Fiancee and I dress as Harley Quinn and Future Gohan. the fact that we found another Harley and DBZ character Couple was amazing.


I do want to thank Nitemare Child Design for the awesome Ki prop. They make tons of kid friendly props, including NERF guns designed as video game weapons, Soft Foam Pokeballs, Soft Foam Energy blasts, Rubber knives and Rubber Ninja Stars.20160605_123704

Such detail on an Amazing 7 Star Dragon Ball Tattoo
This Kid was awesome!












**(We were not asked nor invited to promote, endorse, or review this convention; but as fans of nerd culture and as a media outlet we felt it was our duty to share these amazing people who love the things we love. To get to share their art, work, costume or story with the world inspires us to be more, to grow both as creators and humans… Thank You)


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