DOAT Ep 59: Katsucon 2016

This week on the Dork of All Trades Podcast, Tim and John breakdown Katsucon, with some help from some Special Guests

They Discuss Katsucon, Katsucon 2016, Deadpool, Deadpool Movie, Cosplay, 1000 Eevees, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Anime, Anime Conventions, Cosplayers, Crossplay, Genderbend Cosplay, Cosplay Cons, Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center, National Harbor, Fire Alarms, Cold, Voice Actors, Austin Tindle, Kyle Hebert, Krystal la Porte, Chris Ayres, Erica Mendez, J. Michael Tatum, Todd Haberkorn, Bill Rogers, Natsu, Jamie Marchi, and More!

Special Interviews with
Todd Haberkorn
Kyle Hebert
and Chris Ayres
The Dork of All Trades Podcast is hosted by
John Langan & Tim Berger
Twitter: @dorkofalltrades
Instagrams: @dorkofalltrades
& @dbzsnaps
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