Introducing: Podcasts Without Borders!

So there won’t be a new blog today, but we wanted to share a link of Aural Pleasure. We had the opportunity to record an episode with Dave and Aaron of Podcast’s Without Borders. Here is a link to show’s website and a stream to the episode! Thanks for listening, and seriously check this show out, It’s pretty sweet.

Link to the Episode

Podcasts Without Borders Website



Topics for this episode include:

  • Getting to know DOAT
  • Conversing on Doctor Who
  • Reading Harry Potter
  • Getting Tattoos
  • Dragon Ball Z talk
  • Being a Lumberjack
  • Swapping terrible retail stories
  • Being drunk while camping
  • JamaicaCast 2016/RCCC
  • Picking up girls
  • Vegas hookups gone wrong
  • Banff Trip
  • Video Games
  • iTunes rage

Dave & Aaron were gracious Hosts, the Dork of All Trades Family Thanks You.


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