Civil War: Whose Side Are You On?

Written By: Brandon

Throughout many different fandoms and universes, there have been instances where two commanding super forces collide, leaving fans at awe with what they are witnessing. Some examples of these cataclysmic encounters are Vader vs Skywalker, Kirk vs Khan, Batman vs Superman and many more. In the Marvel Universe, one of these incredible battles takes place during a series that divides the superhero community and changes the world entirely. This is known as Marvel: Civil War Series. Over the years, I have grown to truly honor and appreciate the storyline in the series and have collected numerous comics.  It was become one of my favorite series, not only because of the intriguing storyline and action but also because you get to learn more about the beloved heroes and where their allegiance truly lies.

capn manWithin the story, heroes are asked to register their identities, a task not so easy for some superheroes. To a hero, their identity is sacred and is an ideal that should never be surrendered. One of the most respected and honorable heroes, Captain America, becomes the face of the anti-registration movement and clashes with longtime friend and ally: Iron- Man. Comic lovers dive into a world where friends clash, enemies turn into allies, and people’s true natures are revealed. Next year, fans will also experience some of this in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. While I understand this film will not cover everything in the series, I am still equally excited to see what Marvel does with exciting new chapter in the MCU.


Now imagine a world where you are a superhero, living in this exact universe where you have a choice: serve the government & register or become a rebel and join the resistance. The question is…which would you choose? For some this may come with any strain of difficulty because you know the type of person you are and where your ideals stand. Personally, I know I would side with Captain America. I believe that we as citizens of this country have a choice and when that choice becomes threatened or altered; we have a right to stand up for ourselves. However, Tony Stark thinks that heroes should be responsible with their powers and be held accountable. Stark believes that pushing forward with the registration is the best option, given the unfortunate deaths due to Supers that occurred in Stamford, Connecticut. Being anonymous gives the masks the option to hide in plain sight as their secret identities. Although the government has made a drastic response to situation, Stark believes that this is ultimately what is best.

civil warSuper strength and flight are great powers however a hero’s identity is unique and makes fans love them even more, powers or not. It is for that reason why I feel that if I were a hero in this era, I would side with Cap.

With the movie quickly approaching, I would  like to engage you readers and ask to think about which side you would side with given the example above. Do you believe that as citizens of this country have a moral obligation to do what is right and just or do you favor your freedom to stand up against tyranny and other forms of oppression? The choice as always falls toward you. With the film however, I am eagerly awaiting its arrival and feel it will be one of if not the best movies in Marvel Phase 3. I will save my predications for another time, however there are 2 big areas I feel Marvel will definitely address: Tony Stark’ ascension to the head of S.H.I.E.LD. and also…Captain America’s death!  I know the last one has been mentioned in much talk and speculation however a big part of me feels that these are 2 big areas Marvel will have to address moving forward. This is just my little theory, and I would like to conclude this blog by once again asking you all to think about where you think you would stand and what you think will happen in this intriguing film.

3 thoughts on “Civil War: Whose Side Are You On?

  1. Kevin Clancy June 1, 2015 / 4:09 pm

    I was first introduced to Civil War through the video game “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2” and at that point I sided with Captain America. Because what teenager doesn’t want to stick to the man! But as time went on and I read the actual comics, I realized Iron Man did have a point. People with super powers need to be held with responsibility. It’s why Spider-Man sided with them in the beginning and revealed his secret identity. Responsibility is his whole schtick. But there were too many problems with how the registration act was being enforced. Too many villains were getting government sanctions to hunt down heroes. When people like Deadpool are allowed to have government authority you may know something is wrong (even though DP is my favorite). So, I have to side with Cap simply because the Registration Act was handled too poorly to be effective. If they worked out the kinks, had no bad guys in the roster, and made it possible for hero to keep their identities while still being held accountable, then I would be for Iron Man. But it’s not, so I’m not. MURICA!


    • minisomma June 1, 2015 / 9:14 pm

      I agree with you, but I side with Iron Man on this one. While there are very readily apparent dangers involved with registration, and as you said, it was handled very poorly, the long term benefits outweigh the negatives in my eyes. These are people who can very easily wipe any of us off the planet just because the guy at Starbucks got their order wrong. They don’t, but honestly what’s really stopping them? They have the exact same moral compass as we do, but the difference is they have these godlike powers that could easily be turned into a method of self gain or at worst mass destruction. It makes perfect sense to want them to register with the government so they can be kept in line. Plus part of the plan involved training newer heroes to fine tune their abilities and make them a real force for good. There would be a team of super heroes there to protect every state in America. Now even that could be corrupted and it could turn into a countrywide police state, but let’s look at this from the other side; by which I mean DC. Specifically, the Tower of Babel storyline (or Justice League: Doom if we wanna go by movies). This story showed that Batman had a contingency plan for if any member of the League went rogue. Who’s to say that these couldn’t be implemented in a Post Registration Marvel? With everyone’s identities in the system, their powers and weaknesses would also be on system. For every potential threat, there would be dozens or even hundreds ready to neutralize it and replace it with someone willing to work within the system. It’s a matter of making sure the right people are in charge of it, which Tony Stark had an insanely hands on approach to. So I think in the long run, Registration could be a huge benefit, if handled properly.


  2. Tyler Ford June 1, 2015 / 10:25 pm

    When it comes to Civil War I am in the middle. I personally do agree with Iron Man in the sense that all new, future superheroes should have proper training so that mistakes like the Gwen Stacy incident doesn’t happen. But I also agree with Captain America in the sense that the superheroes should not have to unmask themselves. It puts too much of a target on their backs and although the lives of the people overall are lowered, there will still be death to come to those that the superheroes love and care for by their specific villians. In my opinion both sides are right by one aspect or another.


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