Instagram Tips on Having a Successful and Entertaining Fanpage

Written By: Johnny


I’ve been working on an Instagram page for over a year, and in that year I found that type of social media is kind of tough to generate followers and interest in your page. Unlike Facebook orTwitter, analytics on IG isn’t readily available, and creating content on other sites doesn’t translate well. Instagram is a very visual platform, and sometimes harder to get higher numbers. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up in the last 15 months.


  1. 41Choose One Fandom: If you want to build page on Instagram you first decide on athroughline. I started my page on the premise that it would be a Dragon Ball Z/ Snapchat art page. Sometimes, I post just DBZ stuff, and every Friday I feature other Snapchats that are not DBZ But everything I post remains on the throughline.


  1. Like every picture: After you pick your fandom the best way to get followers is to search relevant hashtags and like every picture that crosses your path; everyone will benefit. Whoever posted the picture will more than likely see that you liked it, and if your page is interesting to them, they may check out yours as well.This is time consuming, but very beneficial. It’s a great way to gain followers and you may find content you can use for your own page this way.


  1. ig lOGOChoose your medium: My page is designed to be a fan submitted page where I have people submit their photos to me, and I choose what to post. Other pages do their own edits, like @anexcessofphlegm, or act as a news source like @dragonballinsider. There are many ways to run a page, and they’re all acceptable, but the medium you choose helps drive your page because your followers know what to expect. Another important part of this concept is to create a schedule to which you can commit. Posting regularly helps a shit ton.


  1. Don’t Hate: Most fanpages exist because we love something. So don’t be negative. I moderate my page fairly well, so when I see hate speech or even something like “Noob-bashing,” I just delete the comments and nip it in the bud. There have been certain cases in which I have blocked people, and I am not afraid to swear. Fuck, I love it! However, being an asshole is something that just doesn’t warrant respect. If you’re a dick in real life, don’t put it online. Remember the old adage: “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”


  1. Don’t Beg: Picture this; you’re a new nerdy freshman that is still new to high school. Would you go up to the hottest senior girl in school and ask her for a date? No. – The reason why isn’t because you’re a loser. It’s because you’re a stranger. Know your role in the fandom and do your own thing. Eventually you’ll become good friends with a couple accounts on Instagram. You’ll begin to earn respect. If someone spams my page and begs for a shoutout, it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll unfollow him or her. Like jeez, learn my name first!


  1. Enjoy It: Have fun! The whole point of the page is to enjoy it. There are times you may experience a lull in enjoyment on your fanpage. To remedy this, create contests, giveaways, or even trivia games that will help stimulate your interest in the fandom, and create buzz for your page.If you ever decide that your page isn’t for you, then I would recommend you pass it on to another fan that would treat it with respect.


I started @dbzsnaps in February 2014, and average almost 400 new followers each month. In December 2014, we started this blog and podcast. It’s been an amazing journey, and I want to thank you all for continuous support.


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