DOAT Ep 15: Crouching Tiger Hidden Lang (South Park)

Come on down to the Dork of All Trades and Have yourself a time, John, Tim, and Chris discuss the hilarious world of South Park.

We discuss Primus, Curse of Words, censorship, “Hey There” Mr. Garrison’s song, sand in the vagina, kyle has sand in his vagina, do you know what I am saying?, Butters Kissing Company, Imma COP!, Scott Tenerman,Chin pokomon, pokemon, not getting all the jokes, What’s a douche?, Ansem, Final Fantasy VII, Stick of Truth, South Park: Bigger, longer, & Uncut, Uncle Fucka, little boy your going to hell, Team America, Orgasmo, Book of Mormon, Mom? Whats a Douche?, Scientology, Tom Cruise is still in the closet, imaginationland, uncut eps, Goo backs -> Chris’ Paper, They took our jobs!, the word cunt, John’s fiance, the passion, racist grandma, John’s 18th birthday and more!

The Dork of All Trades Podcast is hosted by

John Langan & Tim Berger


Twitter:       @dorkofalltrades

Instagrams: @dorkofalltrades

&    @dbzsnaps

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