“Sorting” Out Where You Belong and Who You Are: Harry Potter Style

Written By: Brandon

sorting hatAs a dork, I am proud to say that one of my favorite fandoms, both as a child and adult, is the  Harry Potter series. I remember reading these books when I was younger, and being transported into a magical and exciting world. The first novel in particular really expanded my love for the subject area, it and introduced lots of ideas and concepts that were essential to the entire storyline. One of these areas that I found so fascinating was the Sorting Hat. This sagacious item played a pivotal role in the wizarding world. When placed on a student’s head, the Sorting Hat decided which school House was best suitable for the new first-year students. These 4 Houses were Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Now as I grew older, I became very intrigued by his concept because it became evident that the Sorting Hat was never wrong. It truly had a magical gift to be able to tap into ones consciousness and potential to see not only where they belong, but also who they are.

Now the purpose of this blog is to pose a question, one that I hope anyone who has ever read or explored the Harry Potter universe as I have has also asked: Which House do you truly think you belong? This question shouldn’t be answered quickly. Don’t pick Gryffindor because it’s your favorite, or because you have a crush on Oliver Wood, but rather your decision should involv a lot of personal reflection.

When I studied more about the Houses specifically, I discovered that each has its own set of characteristics and traits. Now I understand that we all are different and posses traits that others may or may not have; however what I’m suggesting is that we should  take an outside look at ourselves and decide rationally where we fit. Personally, I loved and thought of myself as belonging to Gryffindor at first because let be honest…everyone loved Gryffindor! However,after much thought, I decided that I feel I fit in more in the House of Hufflepuff based on my loyalty and compassion towards others, and that I’m really not that brave.

I am now going to conclude this little discussion by posing to you readers to think about which House you belong. Are you brave and daring like Gryffindor, clever and witty like Ravenclaw, loyal and compassionate like Hufflepuff, or cunning and sly like Slytherin? The choice is up to you!!

Harry Potter Bookmarks - The Four Houses of Hogwarts

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