DOAT Ep 12: Merle’s Blue Meth

Flashback to December 2014, this is the first podcast we ever recorded!

John and Tim invite Seebz on to cover the best damn network on cable TV, AMC.

we dissect the episode into two parts, The Walking Dead  and then Breaking Bad.


things we discuss

The Walking Dead, Matt’s Comic collection, Zombies, George Romero, Talking Dead, Netflix, High School of the Dead, Killing off characters, getting close to characters, Rob Kirkman, 24, T-Dawg is Tyreese, Chippendales Spinoff, Dale, Chris Hardwick, Nerdist, Bono is a Dick, Everyone is Happy lori is dead, Defending Shane, How I met Your Mother, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Malcolm in the Middle, Blue Meth, Do you wanna build a meth lab, Pore-no-nonography, Mike, Better Call Saul, John Cried like a Bitch, Season 4 was ruined by John’s dad, Grey Matter, Scarface, Never get high on your own supply.


The Dork of All Trades Podcast is hosted by

John Langan & Tim Berger


Twitter:       @dorkofalltrades

Instagrams: @dorkofalltrades

&    @dbzsnaps

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