DOAT Ep 8: Cough/Burp/Fart…Ejaculate/Shart

This episode Tim, John, and Nick explore their past and talk about Drinking Stories!! and remember, Beer is Food, Food is not Beer.

Ozzfest 2006 Philly, Ben Franklin, First time Drinking/getting Drunk, Drinking in the woods, Dirtbike Cops, Block Parties, John thinks he’s cool, Wine coolers, Drunk Hook-ups, Nick Blacks out, larry the cable guy, Country bumpkin, Nick throws Emily under a bus, the show title, Junior Prom, Next day, Phillies, Break ups, Breaking Sinks, Sitcom level insanity, Tim Disappears, The wiffleball incident, Art Institute in Tampa (A TiT), types of beer, Whiskey (The more you know infomercials), marketing, Nick is passionate, Beer etiquette, lionshead riddles.

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