DOAT Ep 7: Jackbutt Stuff

Tim, John and Chris discuss all things wrestling and more!

Sting, Bed wrestling as kids, Hulk Hogan Pillows, WCW, WWF, ECW, Shawn Michaels, Triple H. Raw, Sable, Porn, Hot Box, Naked News, Pornos in the woods, RVD, Weapons Matches, Action Figures, Wrestlemania 64, Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Scotty Hall, Here Comes the Pain character creation, fuckface, Jackass and CKY, Backyard Wrestling, Juggalos, What Say You, Impractical Jokers, TESD, Chris’ Basement, Brock lesnar f5, the F10 story, Wrestlemania XX, HBK Benoit HHH triple threat match, Dead wrestlers, Ultimate Warrior and more!

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