Saying Goodbye

Written By: Johnny


Two years ago I heard the news.

At the time you were given 12 months to live.

A sort of shock went over me at this.

I was not ready to say goodbye to such a dear friend.

We’ve changed so much since then. I barely see you anymore, it feels as if our friendship is collecting dust.

For years we would waste hours playing video games, but nowadays that’s not the case.

Nowadays we just watch movies on occasion, if I have nothing else to do. I’d hate to say I abused our friendship but the facts weigh heavy on my heart.

I’m ashamed to say you were abandoned, and that you were replaced.

But you were.

The other day I took your final breath, and signed your fate.

Here I am in limbo, on bought time.

I have another game for us to play, and dammit all, we’ll see that day.

I’m not ready to say goodbye.


As a gamer, we all have to end a story to make way for the next big thing. I’m more aware of this now then ever, as I prepare to lose my Xbox 360 for the current generation console. Last week I sold almost all my games that I bought for the system. To my surprise the very first game I ever bought had some laser burns to the disc, and was not able to be sold. Gears of War will be a game I hold with me for the rest of my life; mainly, because Gamestop wouldn’t buy it for 50 cents. But also because it was the beginning of a great time in my life, and closing out this consoles life marks the end of an era. I eluded above that I have one last game to play, which is to say Dragon Ball Xenoverse. It’s good because the next era began with Dragon Ball, and it’s only fitting that the last gen console end with it.


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