The Dork Of All Trades: Turning Whale Penis into Podcast Gold

Written By: Johnny

I wanted to write an entry about how the show will work and where the show came from. Our format will be a bit shorter than most podcasts, coming in at around 30 minutes. Sometimes we will go over on topics that are a bit longer so expect some episodes to go up to an hour, but that’s not what we want all the time. Each episode will be about one big topic, exploring this topic may sometimes bring us on to other topics so forgive us if we stray a bit, its only natural in conversation to stray the path. Tim and John are the hosts; we will have one guest host in each episode. At the time of writing this we have six friends that will join us in the first 20 episodes. After that, things may change, but that remains to be seen.

Dork of All Trades 1400 - CopyOur name is a play on the term “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”. Like the adage, we aren’t experts, in fact we are half stupid (see gramatical errors in this blog). But we are huge fans of a lot of things, and are guest hosts tend to be even bigger fans of the topics. Tim and I are here to guide the show and make it funny, although sometimes things get serious because we do really care about the topics.

The first Five episodes you’ll hear will come out once per week starting Thursday 1/8/15, and every Thursday thereafter.

  1. Star Wars
  2. X-Men
  3. Video Games
  4. Youtube
  5. Disney 

I know that we can’t cram some topics into one half hour, so more episodes will be added later to discuss the same topics with different guest hosts. We are listening too, so if you don’t hear a point on a topic let us know! We will be happy to include them later on.

Over a year ago, Tim  and I decided to commit to making a Podcast. It was the result of trying to hang out and be creative. We did a couple youtube videos before but it became too much to edit amongst school and work. Also, I was a shitty actor, but you can still laugh at them here.

I started listening to the podcast6fc0523a5df11e0828a42cb8fc0820e6 “The Dork Forest” by Jackie Kashian after she appeared on the Nerdist podcast. The word ‘dork’ had not been in my lexicon up until this point, and yes I am aware of the fact it also means whale penis. At the same time Tim and I were thinking of a name for the podcast. Dork of All Trades came to me over Christmas 2013, and it clicked. A year ago to the day of writing this we created the email, twitter, and this blog. Soon after that we started recording.

The first version of the podcast was completely different than the version we are releasing. It was a very relaxed drinking session with Brandon (guest host of ep 5), Tim, and I. We would talk for over an hour about nerdy things. We originally recorded 5+ hours of episodes on our iPod and iPad’s voice memos app, only to discover that since the file size was too big, it was near impossible to move them from our devices. We hit our first wall and we let it beat us. Life got in the way, school got harder and I went off to start @dbzsnaps. Later on we tried to record ‘surprise’ episodes where we would record our friends while out drinking when the conversation got interesting, and also recorded a couple of Dungeons and Dragons episodes ala Nerd Poker style; but nothing really feltright.  Nine months went by and it felt like our commitment turned to shit and nothing came of it.

On Chris’ Birthday (guest host of ep 2), Chris and I got to talking about remembering our awesome childhood. The excitement and nostalgia felt so real and natural in the conversation. I felt inspired by that to repursue the podcast. The next day Tim and I texted back and forth about it, and he had felt the same way about finally committing and figuring out the podcast to make it a reality. We met for lunch in the following week and made a plan, we figured out the current podcast structure, discussed possible topics, and figured out a recording schedule. The next few weeks went by quick, we recorded 3 episodes a night with guests hosts, learned how to edit, found a great intro/outro song, and figured out how to set up an rss feed and get on iTunes.


I googled Podbaby, was not disappointed
I googled Podbaby, was not disappointed

Needless to say, I am so very proud of what we’ve done. Now, we have to let our podbaby go out into the world and find its audience. We hope you love it as much as we do, and please comment/rate and subscribe. But most importantly,find something you love this much and pursue it!Dork of All Trades neon


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