DOAT Ep 4: Youtubes!

John & Tim have their friend Nick in to discuss the history of youtube videos, they tend to go on many tangents and often fall into the rabbit hole that is youtube. They discuss Too Many Cooks, Smosh, Unforgivable, Faces of Death, Grace Helbig, multi-platform media, Jim Jefferies, Bay Breezes, Hannah Hart and My Drunk Kitchen, Amazon Prime, Hiding Money, Stickers on Hats, Christmas shows -> Patton Oswalt, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld, Snoop Dogg & larry King. Doug Benson, Cyber Garfield, Demetri Martin, Bo Burnham/Bill Burr

DoAT’s very own LP Underground Street Soldier

Written by: Seebz

Me with Dave Farrell in Aug 2014, Camden, NJ

It’s no secret that I’m an avid fan of Linkin Park.  You can find further proof on my iPhone as I have over 190 songs from LP alone.  If that wasn’t enough proof, I am also a member of Linkin Park’s official fan club Linkin Park Underground (LPU).

I was instantly hooked the moment I heard LP’s first studio album, Hybrid Theory when it was released in October of 2000.  I remember being in 6th grade and one of my classmates got me hooked.  From that point on I was listening to that album on bus rides to basketball games or in the car with my parents and at home while playing video games.  It was the first album that I could listen to from track 1 all the way to the end, no not the song ‘In the End’, but the actual end of the album.  “Papercut” and “A Place for My Head” were my favorite songs.  At this time though I was more about just liking the sound and wasn’t very much into understanding what the songs mean.  That self-realization will come later on in my life.

Our host Tim with lead singer, Chester Bennington, Aug 2014

Now, I’m not going to sit here and proclaim I was a diehard fan right away.  In fact, during the start of the 2000’s, I would say they were one of my favorite bands but not the top band on my list.  That honor went to Limp Bizkit (yes go ahead and laugh).

That being said, I love the style that LP brings with that rap metal/rock combo.  Some people, myself included, would call that style Nu Metal, which was very popular in the late 90’s going into the early 2000’s.  I feel like LP is the poster child for that genre.  Mike Shinoda (LP rap vocalist/guitarist, pianist etc..) and Chester Bennington’s (vocalist) combo just works so well together.


I eventually went on a hiatus from listening to the band after their second studio album, Meteora.  From 2005 to around 2007ish, I would listen to them sparingly or not at all.  I don’t remember the exact moment I became hardcore fanboy but I do know that it started off small when I heard the track “What I’ve Done” during the first Transformers live action movie in 2007.

After that I revisited the first 2 albums and then listened to their 3rd album, Minutes to Midnight.  The first thing I noticed was that the band seemed to have a different style all together.  That is why they became my favorite band of all time, whereas Limp Bizkit kind of fell off for me as they kept sticking with their same style and I lost interest.  At that point I made an official commitment and join LPU, and so I did 3 years ago.  That was when I discovered LPU’s chat room and had a chance to talk to all these different people from all around the world who were also avid fans of the band.

So in conclusion, I will wrap up by giving all my reasons why I love the band so much.  The number one reason is the diversity in the style of their songs through the years which keeps me entertained because it feels like I’m evolving to the style much like the band is with their experimental sounds.  They make it a point to have a different “sound” now for every new album they release and the anticipation to see what they will do next always keeps me interested.  Some people hate the fact that they don’t go back to their roots, to which I say; you have Hybrid Theory and Meteora, those albums were for you and now they want to do what they want and it doesn’t matter what we think.  Either shut up and don’t listen or sit back and enjoy the journey they take us on. Another reason is how long the band has lasted.  Many people can agree that good bands may only last a few years before they break up but not LP.  They have been going strong now for almost 20 years and you can tell that they are all great friends and love working together and that is truly key for continued success.  I love the fact that I can look forward to my childhood band performing near me almost annually.

inkin park

Tim, John, Brandon and I had plans to attend the Linkin Park concert in Atlantic City this past weekend as part of The Hunting Party Tour. Unfortunately, lead singer Chester Bennington broke his ankle last week and it forced them to cancel the rest of the tour. Our show was cancelled, which is a bummer for many reasons, partly because I don’t have any sweet pictures to show. Hopefully they resume the tour when Chester is all healed up, but until then, the Dork of All Trades wishes a speedy recovery.

Let me leave you with a question.  What are your top 7 LP songs of all time. Mine are:


  1. “Lying From You”
  2. “When They Come for Me”
  3. “Papercut”
  4. “Somewhere I Belong”
  5. “Wretches and Kings”
  6. “Lost in the Echo”
  7. “Don’t Stay”


If you’re not a fan of LP, then tell us what music you do like! We’re always looking to hear new stuff.