I’m Batman

Written By: Tim


There is no question that the character Batman is at the top of the list of most iconic and loved characters in the comic book world. Batman’s reach stretches across multiple platforms from the pages of comics, to action figures, animated television series, and movies. But there is so much more to the character than that.

The Character was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane in 1939 making his first appearance in Detective Comics #27. If you don’t know the origin story of Batman I suggest you crawl out of whatever bat cave you live in and get with the program like Oracle. If your part of the .0001% (like Bruce Wayne), here is a quick synopsis, the wealthiest family in Gotham City was the Wayne’s, father and mother Thomas and Martha along with their son Bruce go to the theatre and upon exiting the theatre after seeing ‘the Mark of Zorro’, they are mugged at gunpoint, Thomas and Martha are murdered in the act, leaving Bruce to witness it all. Bruce is then left in the care of the Wayne Family butler Alfred 788966-001-112301Pennyworth. Bruce vows for vengeance and to protect the city of Gotham. Bruce became the Batman, a master in several types of fighting techniques as well as being a master detective, chemist, and engineer, etc. Needless to say he’s a bad ass, using nothing but his trusty gadgets he has with his utility belt.


Why do people love Batman? It is simple, because idealistically with enough dedication to training and money, everyone could be Batman. The Dark Knight is more then just a hero; he’s an image of perseverance, courage, and hope. As a kid I was bullied and saw Batman as a form of courage to many of my adversaries. That’s why I think I love Batman more than any other fictional character. After all he is just a man combating the evils of city and sometimes the world.

Tim’s Signed picture from Adam West

I always remember being a kid playing with my Batman action figures and watching Batman the Animated Series. Back then, my brother and I would grab the blankets we had and tie them around our neck like capes and pretend to be Batman and Robin. Unfortunately I was always Robin, because he was the oldest and if you wanted to play it had to be his rules. From what I remember and from what my parents tell me I met met Adam West (1960s Bill Dozier Batman) at the Atlantic City convention center for a Con as a toddler and got his autograph. At the time I didn’t know who he was until I first saw the 1960’s Batman movie. “I met Batman and he’s real!” is how I felt and would say to whoever would listen. Then I saw Michael Keaton’s 1989 Batman movie and everything changed.
Time after time, movie after movie and TV series after series; I continued to watch and enjoy Batman. I eventually grew out of my blanket-cape wearing days and began to read the Batman comics and developed a deeper appreciation for the character.

unknownDeep down inside we are all ‘The Batman’, or have the potential to become him. We all wish to be big, strong, smart, and fearless to fight our enemies. As cheesey as it sounds from time to time when life gets me down i scream inside to myself “I am Batman” in all its Kevin Conroy epicness… And so are you.

Obviously my first Batman was Adam West, as Generation Y this is a bit unique, but what was your first Batman? Comment below or join the conversation on twitter @dorkofalltrades.

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